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Raw African Black Soap Bar - Natural Organic Cleansing Face Soap Bar for Acne, Eczema, & Dark Spots | All-In-One Unrefined Vegan Cleanser


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My beauties, we believe you should have some of this African miracle!


We know you've been trying so hard to find the organic skincare that's right for you and your lovely skin. So, search no more as this Raw African Black Soap Bar is just for you!


✷ Traditional Raw African Black Soap ✷

Here's a secret for you: Traditional Raw Black Soaps from Africa are probably many times more beneficial than any organic soap you've ever tried. Featuring premium quality, our Natural Organic Cleansing Face Soap Bar is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, and kernel oil for an all-natural cleansing process!


✷ Contains Unrefined Organic Ingredients ✷

We import fresh black soap from Ghana every month. This traditional soap is no doubt one of the best skin cleansers you will ever use because of its unrefined organic ingredients. Made of natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, it can even be made into Shea butter soap or black soap liquid/paste.


✷ An Organic Skincare Gift for Clear Skin ✷

Looking for a chemical-free organic skincare gift for your loved ones? This is the perfect gift for them! A perfect gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many more. Let our soap start their clear skin journey!


✷ Specifications ✷

[Ingredients: Plantain Skin Ashes, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pods, Organic Shea Butter, Natural Vitamin E, Coconut Oil]

[Shelf Life: 2 to 3 Years]


✷ Additional Information ✷

Plantains skins are largely what make this soap so effective. It is a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. When Organic black soap is made, the skin of the plantain is gingerly dried to a precise texture under the sun. Afterward, it is roasted in a clay oven. The heat must be constant in order to achieve the perfect brownish black color, texture & smell. Afterward, powdered cocoa is added. The cocoa pod is the shell of the cocoa fruit and also has natural healing properties.


✷ Skin Conditions/ USES ✷

[Treats Dry Skin, Eczema Relief, Acne Relief, Reduces Dark Spots & Discolorations, Helps Skin Itchiness, Anti- Aging Properties, Helps Sensitive Skin, Treats Oily or Greasy Skin, Treats Psoriasis, Treats Dermatitis, Treats Blemishes, Scars & Rashes, Treats Razor Bumps & Cuts, Eliminates Fungal Skin Infections, & Natural Shampoo (Body, Face, Hair)]


✷ How to Use ✷

We recommend not applying the soap directly to the skin, use a loofah or a washcloth to lather it.


✷ What is Included? ✷

[1x Raw African Black Soap Bar]


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