Inspired by universal beauty.

SomeoneLovesYou was born through the concept of self-love. Lots of companies have a mission, but we are on a mission to change how the world defines beauty. We believe in products that serve a greater purpose — products for ALL, that improve our lives and the environement. 😉

Two generations, one vision.

We’ve taken our passion and developed A+ personal care products for women everywhere.

Our family originally comes from a farm on the Caribbean island, it was there that I learned to appreciate all things natural. All our health & beauty ingredients are natural, non-gmo and ethically sourced for purity and effectiveness.

"Sakura is my 5-year-old niece. This is her first job, she proudly puts stickers in the products and likes to draw."

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Ethically, sustainably sourced ingredients.

We choose the purest and most nourishing ingredients that we can find. Many of our ingredients come direct from Mother Nature, like the shea butter, aloe vera, and cocoa you’ll find in our signature skin care.

Our SomeoneLovesYou products never contain phthalates, parabens, harsh chemicals, or any other “extras” that could be harmful to you or the environment.

We also use vegan and all-natural ingredients in 99% of our products whenever possible—and we’re constantly working to ensure these ingredients are also sourced in ethical and sustainable ways.

Our environmental commitment.

Our packaging materials are 100% recyclable, and most of our products are made right here in the USA, eliminating unnecessary transport emissions.

We use safe PET plastic jars for our bath & body products which uses significantly less energy and natural resources.

Will everything we do be perfect 100% of the time? No. But we can learn every day, improve every year and always take care of our users perfectly, 100% of the time.