Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

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A powerful multipurpose oil
✓ Treats acne spots and pimples
✓ Potent antibacterial and antifungal
✓ Combats body and underarm odor
100% natural and vegan friendly oil
✓ 100% Guarantee - No-hassle return if you're not satisfied

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Best Results for Your Skin Type

Heal acne or pimples

Tea tree oil is naturally antiseptic. It dries the acne or pimple to prevent further spreading of the acne bacteria.

Relieve contact dermatitis

When skin comes in contact with an allergen, red and painful bumps may appear. Tea tree oil has been found to help relieve these symptoms.

Tips for Better Use

Dilute the oil first and apply to the affected area. Leave overnight.

For skincare, make sure to apply it as the last step of your routine!


A skincare favorite, Tea Tree Oil has the ability to kill any type of bacteria, microbes, yeast and fungi.





  • PURE

    Someone Loves You contains pure Tea Tree Oil. It has no parabens, no carriers and no fillers. Just 100% Tea Tree Oil. This is why we recommend to dilute the oil before use.


    Someone Loves You does not test on our furry friends! Our essential oils are cruelty free and are vegan friendly.


    Someone Loves You extracts the oils manually through cold pressing. No chemicals were used to extract the oils so your body only absorbs 100% Tea Tree Oil.


    Made from 100% pure Tea Tree Oil, each bottle provides effective relief against all sorts of skin issues. We don’t dilute our oils!


    Each bottle of Tea Tree Oil has a number of uses and lasts you up to 3 months! You save extra pennies for each purchase.


    Each essential oil is made in small batches to maintain product efficacy and quality. We do not mass produce our products. This ensures that each bottle delivered to your doorstep is fresh and bottled on the same day of delivery.

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Why is quality so important in choosing an essential oil?

Because cheaper and diluted oils deliver little to no results. Oils that contain additives may even cause skin allergies and irritation.

Should I always dilute tea tree oil?

Yes! Each bottle is so concentrated. We suggest to always dilute the oil with water or any carrier oil (like coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc).

Is tea tree oil a really powerful antiseptic?

Other essential oils are also antiseptics but are not as effective and potent as tea tree oil. The unique properties of tea tree oil makes it more effective against bacteria and fungi.

Are essential oils generally safe?

As long as they’re diluted, they’re generally safe for everyday use.

Does SLY offer money back guarantee?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee to our customers.

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Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

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