Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

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✓ Relaxing and cooling aromatherapy.
✓ Improves focus and memory.
✓ Soothes muscle and body pain
✓ Relieves common colds, sinus and nausea
All natural and cold pressed
✓ 100% Guarantee - No-hassle return if you're not satisfied

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Best Results for Your Skin Type

Stay focused

Menthol in Peppermint Oil wakes you up and provides mental clarity. This is especially useful to keep you focused for longer periods of time.

Sharpen memory

According to studies, Peppermint Oil stimulates the brain. This is why most tips for improving memory suggests to chew peppermint gum during study time!

Tips for Better Use

Diffuse 2-3 drops of the oil during study hours. Or keep a roller bottle of the oil that you can take a whiff every now and then.


Peppermint oil is one of the most effective medicinal oils that works on almost everything!





  • PURE

    Someone Loves You contains 100% Peppermint Oil. It’s paraben free and safe to use. No unnecessary chemicals or fillers were added.


    Someone Loves You does not test on our furry friends! It’s safe to use for all our vegan friends out there.


    Our oils are extracted manually through cold pressing. No chemicals were used to extract the oils so your body only absorbs 100% of the oil.


    Made from 100% pure Peppermint Oil, each bottle provides effective relief against all sorts of problems upon application.


    Each bottle of Peppermint Oil has a number of uses and lasts you 3 months! You save extra pennies for each purchase.


    Each essential oil is made in small batches to maintain product efficacy and quality. We do not mass produce our products. This ensures that each bottle delivered to your doorstep is fresh and bottled on the same day of delivery.

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What is a diffuser?

A diffuser is a device that disperses a diluted essential oil into the air. 

Why do I need to dilute the oil?

Each bottle has a large concentration of the essential oil. It is important to dilute the oils so that it is better absorbed into the body

Why is quality so important in choosing an essential oil?

Because cheaper and diluted oils deliver little to no results. Oils that contain additives may even cause skin allergies and irritation.

How long does one bottle go bad?

Since our essentail oils are all natural, the average shelf life is one year from opening.

Does SLY offer money back guarantee?

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee to our customers.

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Tiffany T.
Pakistan Pakistan

I am putting this in my water. My baths. My mister. My life is now peppermint and this bottle is so large it lasts forever. I love how it feels on a super hot day when you take a soothing peppermint bath. It is so refreshing and cooling. I find so many uses. I even put drops of this in my lip glass containers. This is really great stuff and a very very good value! I wish I could cook with this stuff but for now I’ll just add it to my water bottle.

Lee J.
Pakistan Pakistan
love the price

I had been using another brand that was also really good, but they recently upped their price more than I felt comfortable paying. I did a little shopping around and found this. THIS. SMELLS. GREAT! I use it in an oil warmer and when I turn it off, the scent lingers for hours. It's not diluted, it's exactly what everyone is describing. A strong peppermint scent that lingers for hours. I'm very happy with my purchase and will keep buying as long as they don't up the price too.

Dawn A.
Pakistan Pakistan
so good

Peppermint Oil is great for so many things. I use it diluted for cleaning my floors, I rub some into my scalp to help open my pores/reduce oil and bacteria that can cause dandruff/stimulate hair growth. It also works great to keep insects and rodents out of the house - they can't stand the smell.

Carol D.
Pakistan Pakistan
I love this oil!

Great quality. I use it in my mouthwash, shampoo, created a hair refresher with it and I sometimes do a hair mask with it. Almost out of product...must buy more...addicted. Thanks for offering a quality product. It's sometimes hit or miss with others.

Sandra H.
Pakistan Pakistan
keeps ducks away

I sprinkle peppermint oil on my wood dock to keep ducks away. It’s perfect. I re-spray every once in awhile.

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Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

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