Organic Orange Essential Oil

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✓ Stimulating and calming aromatherapy
Beneficial for maintaining skin appearance and texture
✓ Relieves stress, pain and inflammation
✓ Deodorizes room and surfaces
✓ Pure and premium quality oil
✓ 100% Guarantee - No-hassle return if you're not satisfied

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Best Results for Your Skin Type

Improve health and texture of skin

Aging skin may feel rough and appear textured. Vitamin C in Orange Oil is a potent anti aging because it is naturally an antioxidant and it improves collagen production.

Brighten dark spots

Dark spots take some time to go away, but with Vitamin C, it lightens twice as fast. Vit. C halts the production of skin darkening agents and repairs skin blemishes for brighter and radiant skin.

Tips for better use

Diffuse the oil and massage gently onto the skin. Vitamin C is definitely a favorite skincare ingredient!


Superior sourced oil that works two times better with brightening skin, ease body pains and uplift mood.




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  • PURE

    Someone Loves You contains pure and premium Orange Oil that is ethically sourced. Our oils are free of synthetics, parabens and fragrances. Nothing behind the fine print.


    Someone Loves You does not test on our furry friends! Our essential oils are cruelty free and are a vegan friendly option for all our vegan consumers.


    Someone Loves You extracts the oils manually through cold pressing. No chemicals were added to extract the oils. You get 100% pure essential oils without worrying over some nasties.


    Experience premium aromatherapy with our oils. We do not dilute our oils so it is 100% effective against all sorts of problems. We always believe in product integrity.


    Each bottle of Orange Oil has a number of uses and lasts you up to 3 months! You save extra pennies for each purchase.


    Each essential oil is made in small batches to maintain product efficacy and quality. Each bottle delivered to your doorstep is fresh and bottled on the same day of delivery.

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Why is quality so important in choosing an essential oil?

Because cheaper and diluted oils deliver little to no results. Oils that contain additives may even cause severe skin allergies and irritation.

Can I add this to my beverages? Is it food grade?

No. Our oils are made for topical application. It is very concentrated and may irritate your digestive system.

Are essential oils generally safe?

As long as they’re diluted, they’re generally safe for everyday use.

Why do I need to always dilute the oils when using?

Because each bottle of essential oil contains 100% plant oils. It is very concentrated and that's why it needs to be diluted.

Does SLY offer money back guarantee?

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee to our customers.

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Organic Orange Essential Oil

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