Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil

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✓ Restore Supple Softness in Dry, Cracked, or Irritated Skin
✓ Repair and Protect Long-Term Skin Health
✓ Relieve Psoriasis, Eczema, and Rosacea Symptoms
✓ Deeply Hydrating Aloe Vera and Shea Butter
✓ Non-GMO and Paraben and Sulfate Free Purity

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Best Results for Your Skin Type

Control Acne and Pimple

Jojoba Oil contains antibacterial properties that kills acne causing bacteria and heal skin lesions. This is why it’s a face oil favorite for the acne prone.

Balance face oiliness

An oily face is one of the biggest causes of acne. It may sound strange to put oil on oily skin, but when skin receives a balance of face oils, the skin will produce less sebum.

Tips for Better Use

Gently massage the oil on your skin in circular motions. Remember to use face oils as the last step of your skincare routine.


Jojoba Oil is the ideal face oil for both dry and oily skin as it does not clog pores, it balances oil production, and absorbs easily.





  • PURE

    Someone Loves You contains 100% natural and cold pressed Jojoba Oil. Our products do not contain parabens, fragrances or preservatives. We strongly believe in product integrity.


    Good news! Someone Loves You does not test on our furry friends! It’s a safe choice for all our vegan customers.


    Our oils are extracted through cold pressing. No chemicals were added to extract the oils so your body only absorbs 100% of the oil. Nothing more.


    Made from 100% Jojoba Oil, each bottle provides effective relief against all sorts of problems from head to toe.


    Each bottle of Jojoba Oil lasts you up to 3-4 months of everyday use because a little goes a long way. You only need 1-2 drops for each use! You save money with each purchase.


    Each oil is made in small batches to maintain product efficacy and quality. We do not mass produce our products. This ensures that each bottle delivered to your doorstep is fresh and bottled on the same day of delivery.

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Can I use Jojoba Oil on other parts of the body?

Ofcourse! Jojoba oil is a multi purpose oil and works on every part where there is skin.

Can I use this to remove make up?

Absolutely. Make up removers usually contain face oils and a good amount of it easily dissolves make up.

I have oily skin and break out a lot, is Jojoba oil bad for me?

Jojoba oil has a similar composition to our natural oils. It balances oil on the face so you won’t have to overproduce oils.

How long does one bottle go bad?

Since our oils are all natural and do not contain any preservatives, the average shelf life is one year from opening.

Does SLY offer money back guarantee?

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee to our customers. 

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Lucretia R.
Pakistan Pakistan
moisturizes in the process

I tried this on my legs after shaving because my legs were overdry. Gently dried legs, then immediately rubbed in oil. Love it. Moisturizes nicely and absorbs so as to not leave any oilslick. Recently have had issues with allergic reactions to insect bites and essential oils. Vitamin E serum reduces the itchiness and moisturizes in the process. Scent is light and pleasant, quickly dissipates.

Michele W.
Pakistan Pakistan
so natural, love it

I am loving it!! I have been using this jojoba oil daily as my facial moisturizer, mixed with some tea tree oil. The acne that I have been dealing with for the last 6 months or so is really starting to clear up and I am SO excited about that!! It is the perfect facial moisturizer as well - good moisture but not too heavy. And I love that it's all natural! Perfect! Thank you for such an amazing product, & at a great price!!

Sherry R.
Pakistan Pakistan

Got here in time and it's so light and not heavy like most oils. I can sleep in this without my skin feeling clogged and it leaves it so baby smooth! And by the way I didn't even have to contact the seller, they contacted me to make sure my order was going smoothly and I've never had a seller do that. Wish I could leave more stars!

Barbara R.
60 year old with rosacea

I have rosacea, and one of my worst symptoms since im almost 60 years old with it is the dry, scaly, lizard-like skin on my cheeks; it also doesn't help that my skin is sensitive, meaning the list of products I can use on it are already limited. I've tried a million different moisturizers to try and alleviate this problem (aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter, etc.), but nothing has ever come as close to fixing it as this oil. I use it once in the morning after my shower, and after just a week I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin.

Elizabeth K.
giving youth back to my 70 year old skin

I read that because jojoba oil closely resembles your own skin oils it is perfect for it. So i originally purchased my jojoba from now foods. But i saw this online when i finished my bottle and decided to try it. It is silky and beautiful. I use this as a makeup remover and it is gentle and extremely effective. I put a good amount not my hands and massage it into my face (waterproof mascara too!). Then i take a warm rag and whip the oil off and you're left feeling amazing. High recommend this brand. Inexpensive and quality1

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Jojoba oil

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