Essential Oils Kit

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Best Results for Your Skin Type

Fight Aging

This restorative face and under-eye cream subtly hydrates the skin without leaving it greasy or oily. Balance out every cell while reducing t-zone shine and unclogging the pores.

Restore Hydration

Nourishing Aloe Vera and Shea Butter deeply penetrate the pores to eliminate toxins and restore natural hydration. The result? Firmer, softer, and suppler skin.


Gently massage into the face AM and PM for optimal results. SomeoneLovesYou is the best way to start (and end) your day, every day.

The Only Oil Kit You’ll Ever Need

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  • PURE

    Someone Loves You is vegan and friendly to sensitive skin, free from fillers, chemicals, parabens, GMOs, or SLS. We also never testonanimals only humans like you!


    Formulated especially for dry skin. This deluxe miracle cream treats your unique skin concerns without the need for additives, chemicals, sulfates, or parabens.


    Advanced moisturizing and natural ingredients work together to slow down the hands of time with deep moisture penetration that targets dark spots, wrinkles, and pesky fine lines.


    A gel likec onsistency, thanks to Aloe Vera, means your facial cream will absorb instantly into the skin.This prevents epidermal waterloss and ensures optimal hydration


    From mild irritation to serious sunburn, this replenishing formula protects even the most sensitive skin and promotes relieving healing.


    We’re not mass-manufacturers with stock that sits gathering dust on shelves for months. Each facial cream tub is freshly handmade in small batches to maintain optimal effectiveness and quality.

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Is it safe for all skin types and ethnicities?

Of course! As a natural product line our formula is paraben, sulfate, and fragrance free to ensure we help women and men with a variety of specific skincare needs.

What can I use this Face & Body Cream for?

An all-in-one skincare cream you can use this on your face, under your eyes, or on your body to help with restoring healthy skin, reducing inflammation, or protecting long-term health.

Does it work for redness, rosacea and other skin inflammations?

Yes. It contains natural antibacterial and skin healing properties like Aloe Vera Gel and Honey to help heal and protect dry, irritated, cracked, or even burned skin.

Does SomeoneLovesYou offer money back guarantee?

We offer a 30-day Money back guarantee.

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Essential Oils Kit

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