Essential Oils Kit

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✓ Pure and premium cold pressed oil.
✓ All your favorite oils in one affordable starter kit.
✓ Improve mind and body balance.
✓ The best selling and most therapeutic essential oil.
✓ Guaranteed cruelty free and vegan friendly oil.

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Best Results for Your Skin Type

Rejuvenate your senses

Orange and Peppermint oil enhances and awakens your senses. Take a whiff of the essential oil in the middle of your work day to power you up throughout the day.

Re energize your mind and body

If you have been advised to stay off coffee because of your hyperacidity, try inhaling some essential oils to re energize your body. It’s a healthier and safer alternative to your morning cup.

Tips for better use

Dilute the essential oil and transfer the contents into a roller container. Swipe some on your temples, back of your ears or neck. Or simply add a drop to 5mL of lotion and keep the mixture in a container.


Experience premium aromatherapy with our best smelling and relaxing oil kit.





  • PURE

    SomeoneLovesYou contains 100% Oil. Because we strongly believe in product integrity, we removed the nasties! It has no parabens, no fragrances, no chemicals and no additives.


    Someone Loves You is safe to use for everyone, even for our vegan friends out there. No animals were tested on and harmed in the processing of our oils.


    Our oils are extracted through cold pressing. No chemicals were added to extract the oils so your body only absorbs 100% of the oil. We guarantee product safety for all skin types!


    Each bottle provides effective relief against any problem you could think of. Because our oils also contain pure essential oil, our products are 100% effective. Your body absorbs nothing but pure oil.


    Each bottle of Essential Oil lasts you 3 months with everyday use! But because you purchased the kit, you save even more with each bottle!


    Each oil is made in small batches to maintain product efficacy and quality. We do not mass produce our products. This ensures that each bottle delivered to your doorstep is fresh and bottled on the same day of delivery.

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Are all these oils only for topical use?

Yes. Our oils are only made for topical use. Please do not ingest.

Can all the oils be used with my diffuser?

Absolutely. Essential oils are meant to be diluted and diffused. 

I am a first time user of essential oils, are all the essential oils in this set the oils that I need?

Yes. Each oil can be mixed with other oils. We’ve added the most basic and versatile oils that are great for mixing.

How long does one bottle go bad?

Since our oils are all natural and do not contain any preservatives, the average shelf life is one year from opening.

Does SLY offer money back guarantee?

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee to our customers.

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Essential Oils Kit

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