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10 Surprising proven benefits and uses of Aloe Vera Gel

10 Surprising proven benefits and uses of Aloe Vera Gel

Image result for aloe vera healthline By Jessenia Barros. Jessenia is a content writer with a passion for all things health. 

Dr. Anne Swartz is an internationally recognized scientist with over 22 years experience helping others create healthier living and working environments.

And her latest research paper titled "Why Egyptians Called It The Plant Of Immortality Hidden" shares some startling findings.

Most are familiar with the super plant, Aloe Vera. An evergreen powerhouse, Aloe Vera originated from the Arabian Peninsula. Throughout history, the plant’s healing properties have been recognized. Nicknamed the ‘plant of immortality,’ Aloe vera’s earliest recorded used is found in a stone carving from 6,000 years ago in Egypt.

What is aloe vera gel, exactly?

What makes Aloe Vera so special can be found in its leaves. There, within the inner layer of the leaves, a clear, watery gel will be found. That gel consists of 99% water and contains approximately 75 active compounds loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids. 

Research has shown that the gel offers beneficial and soothing relief for a variety of skin conditions, and when combined with honey it can even become more powerful in healing the skin. A daily application of a Natural Aloe Vera cream can reduce inflammation and redness caused by most skin conditions.

These vitamins and minerals in Aloe Vera can leave the skin with a healthy glow, which makes it ideal for facial care. The gel smoothes and softens the outermost layer of skin cells by capturing the moisture in it and then bonding the cells together. In this way, the application of Aloe Vera gel can provide a number of benefits for the face, such as:

Benefits of aloe vera for your skin

1. Slows signs of aging

Aloe vera slow signs of aging by stimulating fibroblast activity that consequently increases collagen production and elastin fibers which, respectively, reduces wrinkles. One study of women over age 45 found that daily topical application of the gel increased collagen production and improve skin elasticity which had the effect of reducing wrinkles.

2. Helps to fight Acne

Aloe Vera’s antioxidant compounds have natural antibacterial properties. The salicylic acid found in Aloe Vera gel is an exfoliant that can aid in unclogging pores that could otherwise result in blackheads and pimples. Aloe Vera gel also has saponins, chemical compounds that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that act on the oil glands that cause acne.

3. Natural Moisturizer

While lotions can help moisturize the skin on your body, the same lotions should not be used as a moisturizer for facial treatment. Use Aloe Vera in place of lotion as a skin moisturizer for your face. It’s a natural and organic cleanser that will keep your skin soft and keep pores unclogged. 

4. Prevents dark spots

Dark spots are UV-induced hyper-pigmentation which is one of the results from the skin-damaging effects of sunburns. Application of Aloe Vera gel prevents the enzyme responsible for skin discoloration from acting. The various antioxidants in the gel like glutathione peroxide, may actually lighten the sun-damaged spots that have already formed, too.

5. Naturally exfoliates

The same salicylic acid in Aloe Vera gel that helps fight acne also acts to gently exfoliate dead skin cells from your face. Lignin is another component of Aloe Vera. An organic polymer, lignin has a fibrous binding structure and penetrative properties that allows Aloe Vera to saturate and cleanse the skin as much as seven layers deep.

6. Soothe sunburn

        Aloe vera gel contains compounds called polysaccharides that encourage skin repair and new skin cells to set up shop, says Kenneth Mark, MD, New York-based board-certified dermatologist and Mohs skin cancer surgeon. The gel also contains a pain reliever called carboxypeptidase, which may be why aloe vera is so soothing.

        7. Lessens the visibility of stretch marks

        The skin is like one big piece of elastic that’ll expand and contract as needed to accommodate growth. But if the skin stretches too far, too fast the elasticity of the skin can be damaged. These marks appear due to minor tears in the layers of the skin caused by sudden and excessive stretching. Aloe vera gel can help hide these stretch marks by healing these wounds.

        8. Relieve skin irritation

        Inflammation underlies many skin conditions (think: psoriasis, eczema, and lichen planus), says Jennifer Gordon, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Westlake Dermatology in Austin, Texas. Aloe vera gel contains compounds, such as acemannan, that suppress inflammation by showing the enzymes that trigger it who’s boss. (Make sure to do a patch test before putting it on inflamed skin.)

        9. Ease eczema and psoriasis

        Aloe vera gel also contains compounds that help reduce inflammation, meaning it may be helpful in easing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Just be sure you consistently use a natural moisturizer that will not further irritate the skin. We recommend using SomeoneLovesYou Face & Body Cream

        10. Relieves dry patchy skin

        Aloe vera gel absorbs easily, making it ideal for oily skin. However, it can help treat dry skin, too. Consider swapping out your regular moisturizer for aloe after bathing to help seal moisture into your skin.

        How to choose the best aloe vera gel

        BEWARE: NOT ALL ALOE VERA ARE CREATED EQUAL. You may think that you cannot go wrong with any aloe vera gel on the market because aloe vera is a healthy and natural substance. However, not all aloe vera gels are created equal. Unfortunately, many of the products containing aloe gel on the market and filled with tons of toxic and chemical ingredients while stripping away all of the amazing benefits from the natural plant

        Avoid aloe vera gels that contain alcohol, fragrance, and color.

        Alcohol denat and cetyl alcohol, for example, can be irritating to the skin, says Dr. Lortscher. The same goes for fragrance, even those from essential or natural oils, which are often a culprit of contact dermatitis. 

        If you’re ready to enjoy the perks that come from incorporating aloe vera into your skincare routine, but would rather skip the whole shopping around thing, here are our experts’ top pick to save you time:

        The best Aloe Vera Gel for your skin

        SomeoneLovesYou is a small family business born through the concept of self-love. For optimal effects, SomeoneLovesYou combines Aloe Vera with Honey to achieve a more powerful healing properties.

        Every ingredient in their products has been carefully selected because of the high quality and serves a specific therapeutic purpose. They do not use fillers of any kind. In other words, almost every ingredient used is an “active” ingredient and contributes to providing relief and is considered a Food-Grade.


        • ONLY FIVE INGREDIENTS (100% All natural)
        • Unique formula that works like a phenomenal healing balm
        • No fillers, No GMO's, No parabens, No irritants, No animal testing
        • Handmade with love in the USA in small batches
        • Fresh product. Never stored for long periods
        • Dedicated to women of all stages: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60+
        • Food Grade All-Purpose Skin Cream

        Amazing Moisturizer  “This product is a serious miracle worker. I use it almost every single day. After cleansing my face at night, I slather it all over my face and neck. By the time I wake up in the morning, my skin is happily moisturized (no matter how dry it was the night before).”  —Kim Daniels

        Fading Scars  "I never write reviews but this one is a must. I burned my wrist taking out food from my hot oven and this cream definitely helped take away the burning sensation and is helping fade my scar.”  —Larielys Torrentes

        Eczema & Psoriasis Relief  The BEST cream I've ever used. I suffered horribly from eczema and woke up itchy and with red patches and this cream truly helped me relieve it. God bless!” —Amanda Tailor

        Update: I'm on my second jar of this stuff and my eczema is completely cleared up except for a few bumps every now and then when I have a new reaction to something, but NOTHING like it ever had been before.

        Acne Relief  “One day, when my acne was getting really bad…I caved and thought, “Just get it…another balm won’t kill ya.” And so I did. It’s really a no nonsense, high quality, super effective balm that does a really job and keeping my skin clear - in a toxin free way.” —Louisa Maldonado 

        So, how do you use this tub of goodness?

        Simply scoop a small amount that is enough to cover your face. Apply evenly onto skin to experience the powerful ingredients from nature! 

        Think of it this way. Honey and Aloe Vera  on itself are powerful ingredients. When formulated right along with other organic ingredients, just imagine how much more effective it is! 

        Important: Because this product is made in small batches, they might be all gone by the time you read this. 

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